Dress For The Successful Business Woman Within You

When we start up our first business, or just a new business, it is always like going on a path of self-development. We leave parts of us behind, ways of thinking, things that no longer support us in getting to where we want to be. This often also means changing our wardrobe. Even at the beginning of the journey, we should start dressing to suit the place we want to arrive at and the customers we intend serving.

Wearing the same old clothes, that may even be a reflection of our struggles and over-worked situation, could even hold us back. They are not communicating who we really are within, or who we intend becoming. At the beginning of our business path, we may not even have the funds to spend on expensive looking clothes.

However, before looking at the cost, try to understand and visualize the business woman you want to project. Is she a creative person selling or teaching her art, or an authoritative business woman with a clear, dynamic appearance, or a coach with leadership qualities? If you have little experience with fashion and have perhaps been wearing casual clothes for such a long time, that you lack a feeling for the more gracious you, then try to find someone to model: someone who has the appearance you feel would be right for your professional role in life. I put the emphasis on feel, since you must be convinced that this new look is also suitable for you.

I used to be a very sportive, casual person, and still am, and it took me a long time to find a style of dress that matched up with my personality, but at the same time reflected the professional leader, a role that I was taking on the more I matured. For this part of my life, I needed a wardrobe that was more sophisticated and of better quality. I also needed to pay attention to accessories and jewelery, since they expressed the caring and affluent person I was striving to be.

Good quality and attractive clothes are expensive. That is very true. However, if you replace money with time and patience, you can almost find similar clothes for far less cash. Here are a few tips to help you to look your best even on a very tight budget. Check out your wardrobe first and decide which of your clothes look good. Be prepared, despite a full wardrobe, you may really have nothing to wear. My wardrobe was totally based on my casual life style, so that when I had to lead seminars and speak in front of audiences, I really had nothing suitable to wear.

Think about the type of energy you need to communicate to your audience. Are they there to learn how be fit and healthy, or to paint and create works of art, or to be successful and affluent business people. Whatever your subject, you are a leader and need to communicate this, according to your style.

When you have decided on the style best suitable to communicate who you are and what you represent, study the most expensive fashion magazines until you find pictures of fashion that express the image you want to achieve. Then go to the most expensive, best fashion stores in your area. Try the clothes on that you feel are appropriate for the person and the occasion you want to reflect, get the feeling for the quality. Then go to the cheapest stores in town, and start recreating the style you saw in the top boutiques of your area. You may have to revert to classical clothes as your basics, such as slacks or a classical cut skirt and classical top, and perhaps also to a neutral color, such as black, blue or brown, according to what suits you, However, you will find that these are extremely reasonable in price, but can compete in quality and style with those in an expensive boutique. This way, your clothes will appear to be of higher quality. The same applies to shoes. Then according to the immediate impact you wish to create, you can invest a little more in an expressive blouse, jacket or in accessories and create that wow effect for yourself.

When you are working with a tight budget, you will not be able to afford a stunning dress, but by reverting to classics as the basis of your wardrobe, and adding a touch of flair with an interesting top, you can get that stunning look. That top may be a colorful jacket, a beautifully cut blouse or an expressive belt with a matching necklace.

Always think out your intention and purpose before going shopping. If you keep this habit on all your life, you will find yourself having a well balanced wardrobe for every occasion, and looking your best at any given situation and at any age.

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